British passport application: when you want to change your details

When can it come to the point you need to obtain for a change of details in your passport?

There are 3 key instances when it comes to you having to change your details in your passport that means you need to basically reapply for getting a new passport that you will receive with 10 year validity.

When you apply for a passport renewal you will need to pay the normal fee that applies when obtaining a passport so call the passport contact number . This means a GBP 72, 50 for the normal procedure or an additional GBP 9, 75 if you apply with the Postal Check and Send service. There are other express services which you can obtain for a special fee.

It’s important that you do not do any bookings under a name that’s different than what you have in your passport. It’s also wise not to book any new travel until you get the renewed passport as the procedure can take up to 6-8 weeks.

The role of counter-signatory

When you apply for a new passport or for a passport renewal it’s essential to have a counter signatory, who provides an extra confirmation verifying your person. This has to be on the application form and also on the back of the two new photographs which you need to provide with your application form.

The counter signatory has to be someone who officially knows you for over two years: this can mean a friend, a colleague, coach, teacher or the priest of your community. The counter signatory cannot be someone who is a close relative of yours. As your application can be put on hold or can even be refused, if you are unsure of who your counter signatory should be, you need to call the British Passport Contact Number for more information or should check out the phone number.

The counter signatory also has to bear the responsibility for giving his or her signature in verifying your identity. This means he or she needs to be available at times when the passport office or government has any additional questions regarding the applicant. It’s also important to note that the citizenship of the counter signatory has to be UK, Ireland most preferably or has to be a citizen of an EU country or of the United States.

You also ought to pay attention to all the conditions which apply for the passport photographs, to avoid your application to be put on hold.