Important information for those applying for British Passport

Let’s discuss some eligibility issues when it comes to applying for a British passport. We will see what the general conditions are to apply and who can get a British passport.

When are you eligible to apply for and hold a British passport?

First of all you ought to be a British citizen to hold a British passport. Residence card would not make you eligible to hold a British passport. There are several sorts of British citizenships which make the the application process a little bit more complicated:

Types of citizenship:

While all these British citizens are eligible to hold a British passport all the same different laws, procedures and fees may apply for each one of these citizens therefore if you are a British citizen of any other sort than the standard British citizenship, it’s best if you call the British consulate in your respective country or if you call the HM Passport Office Contact Number for more information.

Let’s see the instances when your request can be turned down.

If you are an expat living abroad and want to renew your passport note that it can take up to 8 weeks for you to get your passport as due to the additional security checks, it takes much longer time for everyone to receive their passport. Note that for an extra fee however, there are ways for you to obtain and get your passport within a week and even within a day.

Passport fees:

The current passport fees apply when you apply for a passport:

You can apply for a new passport either online via the website straightaway ensuring you can pay the application fee online right there and then or you can get an application form at any post office in your area, fill it out, pay for it either by cash or by credit/ debit card and if you have check that is not a problem either as you can obtain a service called Passport Check and Send which would cash in your check for an extra fee of GBP 9.75 enabling you to apply straightaway.

Local Passport offices were available in all the key regions within the UK, but these do not exist any longer.